Pearls Boutique and Resale Shop

6601 E Marshville Blvd
Marshville, NC

Tuesday – Friday 10 – 5
Saturday 10 – 3

The Pearls Boutique and Resale Shop provides material needs and work experience for the residents of House of Pearls. Residents of the house receive items they need (clothes, shoes, coats, etc.) from the shop donations free of charge. The sell of remaining donations funds the services and programs provided by the house.

There are three primary purposes for the resale shop:

  1. To generate funds for the house.
  2. To teach the Pearls life skills, accountability, responsibility, retail skills, manners, goal setting, and so on.
  3. To provide a service to the community by providing quality items at affordable prices.

The resale shop is not a consignment shop but specializes in consignment-quality items. When thinking about what you can donate to the resale shop, consider if you would actually buy that same item in its current state:

  • Is clothing clean, stain free, pick free, with no tears or fading?
  • If you have toys and electronics, are they clean, working, gently used, and have all the parts and pieces?
  • Is the piece of furniture sturdy and in good shape?
  • Do you have vintage pieces that would be collectible in any condition?

Furniture with good structure can be shabby chic. Some buyers may be looking for quality pieces that they can restore and recover.

To schedule a donation drop off time, call 704-327-4096.

For updates on what’s in the store, visit Pearls Boutique and Resale Shop on Facebook.