House of Pearls

A Ministry outreach of His Perfect Love Ministries

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like merchant seeking beautiful pearls.  When he found one pearl of great price, he went and sold all he had and bought it.” Matthew 13:45-46

    In 2005 a group of Christians began meeting together with a common concern for women coming out prison/jail that were living on the streets.  There had been several murders of local girls with whom they had worked.  Thus the House of Pearls project was birthed.  Three years ago we were offered a beautiful home in Wingate and in 2009 we received the zoning to open our transition house.  The House of Pearls (HOP) is a Christian transition house in Union County. HOP is an outreach project of His Perfect Love Ministries a non profit 501 C3 ministry. Our home is located in Wingate, NC, nestled in the center of a 100+ farm where ladies who may have made wrong life choices in life, can become like a pearl.  A pearl begins as an irritant and through the Word of God and hard work; the irritant can become a beautiful pearl!  Our Father gave all, His most precious possession, His son, for us.  It is our mission to allow these ladies who come into the House of Pearls, the opportunity to shine like a beautiful pearl.  These ladies are of great value to the Father, and we want them to feel this way about themselves! 

House of Pearls is a 180 day program where ladies learn how to communicate better, learn about money and budgets, applying for jobs, learn to sew, do crafts, cook, etc.  It is our commission for the ladies to become a tax-paying, employed citizen that is giving to their county of choice not taking and being cared for.  We learn how to live life to it’s fullest in a practical Christian way.  The ladies are mentored by many in our community who have been trained and are very effective in the forming of the beautiful pearl.

House of Pearls Mission Statement

 House of Pearls is a halfway house for ladies coming out of jail, prison, addiction, or who have made wrong life choices and are wanting to make a change in their lives.  As you know a pearl is formed from a particle or irritant in an oyster that is rubbed over a period of time and forms a beautiful pearl.  This is the way many of these ladies feel, like an ugly irritant with no beauty or nothing to look forward to in their lives.  It is our desire to help these ladies find themselves and become a beautiful pearl.  These ladies are our next-door neighbors, our sisters, our daughters, our mothers, or our grandmothers.  If they do not make changes in their lives they will continue to take drugs and do crime and will either die or their crimes will become more serious, affecting our community.  Strictly from an economic standpoint, we must help these ladies become a pearl instead of an irritant of society, so they can become law-abiding tax paying citizens.

It is our commitment at House of Pearls to help facilitate families to be  reunited and not be restored to the old, but to be transformed to a new woman, thus, being a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, etc.




House of Pearls