5th Anniversary Celebration Held October 5th, 2014

Guests arriving at the open house for the fifth anniversary of House of Pearls on October 5th were greeted with beautiful sunshine, smiling faces, and the aromas of freshly baked cookies, apple pies and banana bread.
The House of Pearls opened in 2009 after much hard work and dedication by Chaplain Terry Merritt to find a location to house women like the ones she had ministered to while being involved in prison ministry for several years. Since then, 100s of women have passed through on their way to new, independent lives. Finding the house wasn’t everything. Chaplain Merritt couldn’t have made it without the dedication of many donors and volunteers.
The event was a success for the ladies and the guests. We’re also happy to report that the craft and bake sale raised $207.

House of Pearls is a non-profit Christian Home dedicated to helping women rebuild their lives through the love of  Jesus Christ.  HOP is located in Wingate, NC on a 100+ acre farm.  We opened HOP in October 2009 after working on this beautiful home for several years in preparation for the rezoning and final approval to be given so we could open the House of Pearls.  We are blessed to lease this beautiful home and feel that it is the perfect setting for ladies to transform their lives! Please select the "About" button to read more in depth about how The House of Pearls was started and our mission statement. 


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The House of Pearls is run 100% on supporter donations and we rely on each of you to continue this ministry.  If you would like to donate to the ministry, you can mail a check to:

The House of Pearls
PO Box 516
Monroe NC 8111

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