House of Pearls welcomes volunteers with a variety of skills.  Some examples of our needs include

  • Resale Shop helpers

  • Ministry by mentors

  • Transportation

  • Educators in life skills, including finances, emotional self care, etiquette, personal hygiene, nutrition, and so on

  • House maintenance

  • Grounds maintenance

Volunteer Spotlight  July 2022 - Rachele Shelton

"In the fall of 2015, I went with a group of ladies from Midway Baptist Church to minister to the ladies at House of Pearls. While there the Lord began to impress upon my heart to lead a Bible study on prayer with the Pearls. I wasn't sure what I could offer them as I really had no experience with addiction. However, the Lord used my willingness to serve and teach to grow a love for these women that I never knew before. I look forward to each weekly Bible study where we share our praises and prayer requests and open God's Word to hear the message He has for each of us. I emphasize "us" because God speaks to each of the ladies and myself in these times. One of the things the Lord has taught me and hammered into me is that we are all equal in His eyes...no one is better, higher or however you want to phrase it. When we realize this and open ourselves and become vulnerable is when the trust and growth begins. I have to be transparent/open about my life if I expect others to open up and trust me with theirs. It is awesome each week to see how the Lord speaks through me about things the Pearls have been talking about, dealing/struggling with. It is comforting to know that I don't have to know anything about their struggles because God does and by listening to Him, we have the God moments...times when we just look at each other and the Pearls at first wonder if I have read their journals or talked to Delois but now have learned it is God showing them that He knows and cares enough to speak to them through volunteers who are listening and following God's Holy Spirit.
I am so honored and see it as a privilege to be a part of the House of Pearls Ministry. My favorite passage is Psalm 139...especially verses 17-18..God thinks about us as much as the sands of the sea...He loves us soooo much. He knows us fully and loves us. What an awesome God we serve!"
We are very blessed to have such dedicated and loving volunteers involved in our ministry at HOP


To begin your process of becoming a House of Pearls volunteer, either at the house or in the shop, please complete this 

online application.


HOP Volunteer Handbook