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To provide a safe environment for women to heal, restore and rebuild their lives, embracing and representing the love of Jesus Christ.

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We are over the moon excited to announce to our family, friends, volunteers, which when you are part of this ministry, you all become family!! We are officially home owners and will be opening the next phase of this amazing ministry in 2023!!!
"The Merritt House" will be available to our Pearls upon completing the 1 year program to better improve their life by giving them a SAFE place to transition to while they continue allowing God to rebuild and restore what the enemy tried to destroy!
A safe home with accountability is exactly what is needed once you complete a structured program. And because of YOUR continued support and prayers, we will be able to offer this to our Pearls very soon.
Thank you to our Board "His Perfect Love Ministries" for guiding us through this process. Board Member Matt and his wife , our mentor, Icelean McGinn were able to accompany our Executive Director Delois Carpenter today as they finalized all the paperwork and details.
Stay tuned!!! Great things are happening and we are so very thankful! 

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Guest Speaker &
House of Pearls Alumni
Shannon Herlocker

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